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Nico's Bracelets

Nico is one of our two youngest studio assistants. *wink*

He was a nine-year-old 3rd grader last year, and together we developed these beaded bracelets as part of his required "business" project. Each third grade student had to create a product or service, and make, market, and sell to other students, faculty, and parents. The sales were accomplished using "dollars" that students accumulated all year with grades, good behavior, etc. No actual money. 

Nico worked really hard during the three weeks of selling, and he set a school record for third grade business sales. Yay! As a result, he has maintained an interest in pursuing the bracelet business in some of his very limited free time. He has a couple of boutiques that carry them, and he has sold them in person at fairs, parades, and through word of mouth. Very exciting for a now 10 year-old! He is making big plans for how to donate a portion of his earnings. 

Each bracelet is handmade with combinations of beads and crystals woven together and finished with a silver crown toggle.

Child size: Approx. 6-1/2"

Adult size: Approx. 7-3/4"


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