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Pink and Pearly Girlie

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The tiniest of muses has inspired us to begin a series on clothing creation and embellishment. Ever the fashionista, Stella has already begun to find her style.

We will be working each week with a trim, fabric and/or embellishment meant for the more mature among us, yet perfect to treat the little ones to something special for themselves!

Follow along with us and take a peek each Friday at "What Stella Wore"!

Even at this tender age, she has a real sense of what she loves. And right now, in the throes of August, she loves a tank top and capri pants.And anything pink. (The shoes are a minor miracle. She will have them off as soon as she thinks no one is looking.)

This is our inspiration this week. A stack of neckline "frills" from the apparel industry, meant to adorn something fancy and formal, no doubt. But along comes the three-year-old and claims one for herself!

Paired with a simple gray tank top and finished with a rumpled seam-binding bow, this becomes the perfect little shirt for a birthday party or lunch with the big girls!

So very sweet! It will also work well with her cream tutu!! :)

We hand-stitched it on to the tank-top with a pale pink thread, making it easier to remove it later if disaster (like her obsession with raspberries) should strike the shirt. Meanwhile, it can be hand-washed with the embellishment on it. 

The bow is about 2-1/2 yards of dyed seam binding tied and glued to a pin backing. The pin was then attached to the "frill", so it is also easy to remove for laundering.

*Again, this is not a trim marketed for a child. In fact, be extremely careful if you do use it on a wee one's garment.* 

We are embellishing small clothing for display and inspiration purposes. And because she gets all weepy when she loves something, and who can resist that?!? 

Tank Top ~ American Apparel

Neckline Frill ~ here

Jean Capris ~ True Religion

Sandals ~ Old Navy

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